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‘Vindictive bullying’: Neil Mitchell takes aim after interviewing local barley players

The federal government says it will help Australia’s barley growers find new markets after China imposed an 80 per cent tariff.

China had been warning it planned to slug our barley producers a hefty tariff, claiming the grain sector had been dumping cheap barley into the market.

Farmers and the federal government reject the claim.

But as of today, an 80 per cent levy will be imposed on Australian barley imports.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham told Neil Mitchell he will help growers find new markets.

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The matter may also be referred to the World Trade Organisation, but an appeal could take years to resolve.

Neil Mitchell said it was another example of China being “vindictive” and partaking in “economic bullying”.

“Geez I feel sorry for barley growers,” he said.

“This is a political power game and they’re stuck right in the middle.”

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Neil Mitchell also spoke with a Wimmera barley grower, Julia Hausler.

She told him about the impacts on her business and had an interesting request for Australians.

“I hope that Australians start drinking beer to compensate for the lack of Chinese market that we now don’t have,” she said.

“Everyone can drink responsibly, but beer consumption does help barley sales.”

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