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Violence in the workplace: Our Watch encourages female-inclusive work environments

Bosses will soon be able to access a state government workplace program that hopes to reduce violence and create an inclusive work environment.

The ‘Our Watch’ program will be released in the public sector over the coming months and soon available to private businesses.

The Workplace Equality and ­Respect program provides Victorian workplace leaders with training tools on using female-inclusive language and removing sexist and biased attitudes.

“We need to look at every element of our workplace and say how do we improve the culture across the board so that everyone feels included and welcome and able to thrive,” CEO of Our Watch, Patty Kinnersly told 3AW Mornings.

The program is a response to studies showing that Australian employers lose $1.3 billion annually due to violence against women and sexual harassment is still affecting one in five people in the workplace.

“If we are going to stop violence in the workplace, including sexual assault and other forms of discrimination we need to make workplaces fair and equal and gender equitable,” Ms Kinnersly told Heidi Murphy.

Ms Kinnersly says that changing the language used in the workplace is not an example of political correctness gone mad.

“It’s us moving with the changing times.”

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