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Violence is not justifiable, whatever the form: Neil Mitchell on ‘offensive’ Fraser Anning v ‘silly’ Egg Boy

Neil Mitchell says Fraser Anning does not deserve your support, after his “obscene” comments following the devastating event in Christchurch.

But Neil also says the teenage boy who egged the senator doesn’t deserve hero status either.

“Senator Fraser Anning is a dill,” Neil said on 3AW this morning.

“A dangerous and offensive man.

“He is a glitch in our democratic system, he’s in parliament with 19 votes and shows not the slightest sense of responsibility.

“It (Anning’s media release) is obscene, it is offensive, it is insensitive, it is dangerous, it is nonsense.

“But this boy, Will Connolly, is a silly boy.

“I think Egg Boy did the wrong thing, you cannot justify violence, even in this form, because you don’t like what someone says.”

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“I don’t think for a moment that he should be charged,” Neil added.

A petition has been circling calling for Anning’s removal from parliament, which Neil said might be “tempting” but we have to let the democratic system take it’s course.

“It is tempting, but it’s wrong, the best thing that can happen is he loses his seat and is out at the next election,” he said.

“You can’t suddenly fiddle with the system of democracy.”