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Violent clashes outside Flinders Street Station as police remove homeless camp

There have been violent clashes outside Flinders Street Station as police cleared a huge protest at the homeless camp.

Police made multiple arrests on Wednesday as they moved in on the group.

The area is due to become a construction zone as refurbishment works get underway at the station and those sleeping rough were warned they would be moved on.

The group has been sleeping rough there for weeks.

Ken told Neil Mitchell on Wednesday morning he was ‘technically homeless’ and lives in a tent in northern New South Wales. 

He was protesting this morning with his brother, who has been sleeping rough.

‘I can only speak for myself, what I’m saying is there’s currently no law against either being homeless in the city of Melbourne or to be sleeping on the street,’ he said.

‘So I find that there’s no cause to move people on.’

He said they were cooperative and it was a peaceful protest.

‘The reason I’m here is to support the people that are here,’ he said.

‘All us of here…it’s peaceful and non violent resistance to illegitimate orders to move on.’

The makeshift camp was set up weeks ago, with bedding, luggage and a couch taking over the footpath.

The Melbourne City Council gave the group 24 hours notice warning they could face arrest if they didn’t move on.

Cathryn Murdoch from the Homeless Persons Union spoke on behalf of the dozen or so people there and denied claims everyone has been offered emergency accommodation. 

‘If the people who are moving in don’t follow protocol then the people here might rise up and defend themselves because their rights are being breached,’ she said.