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Violent illness breaks out at Essendon’s swanky President’s lunch


Footy fans passed out in the stands and paramedics treated dozens more after violent illness broke out among guests at Essendon’s President’s lunch at the MCG yesterday.

The Melbourne Cricket Club has confirmed “a number of guests presented with gastro intestinal symptoms” following and during the event, which featured big-name guests including Governor Linda Dessau. AFL boss Gil McLachlan and Kevin Sheedy.

Ambulance Victoria say they treated more than 30 people and several were taken to hospital.

They say cases of illness were localised to people who dined in the Olympic Room.

“The MCC are currently investigating to determine the cause of these incidents,” the MCC has told Ross and John.

“The MCC are working in coorperation with health services to understand what caused the medical issues.

“If you were a guest in the Olympic Room and are experiencing gastro intestinal symptoms, please seek medical attention if the symptoms are causing you distress.”

Guests have told 3AW Breakfast several patrons passed out during and after the event.

One guest, Jan, who was among those treated by paramedics, pointed the finger at her rabbit and chicken terrine entree.

“I was speaking to some other people in the sick room later on in the afternoon and it was strange that everything seemed to happen at the same time for everyone,” she said.

“After I’d had the entree … I started to feel as though I was going to faint.”

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“Chaos here at the President’s Lunch,” one patron posted on Instagram.

“5 people have fainted and that was BEFORE Kevin started talking.”


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Chaos here at the President’s Lunch. 5 people have fainted and that was BEFORE Kevin started talking 😂

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