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Violent PSO incident ‘demands an answer’

Shocking footage has emerged of a violent scuffle between PSOs and a man at Merri train station.

The footage shows the male cowering while a baton is used.

“That level of violence should not be lightly used, and perhaps it hasn’t been,” Neil Mitchell said.

“If he deserved it, he’s done something bad, and they need to explain it and justify it.

“It demands an answer.”

President of the Public Transport Users Association Daniel Bowen told Neil Mitchell it looks like the tail end of the footage.

“Obviously a very alarming piece of footage, however we don’t know what sparked that particular incident,” he said.

“You can only hope there has been and will be a full investigation using whatever CCTV might be available that shows the incident from start to finish.”

In a statement, police say a man was arrested after allegedly assaulting a PSO in Northcote yesterday.

Police allege a 26-year-old man became abusive towards two PSOs and resisted arrest.

OC spray and batons were used to subdue him.

He was charged with assault.

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