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Violent young criminals to be tracked 24/7 under tough new rules

Violent young criminals may be forced to wear electronic tracking bracelets after they’re released on parole.

The practice is currently restricted to adult offenders.

However, Minister for Children Jenny Mikakos says legislation will be introduced into the parliament in coming weeks.

She told Ross and John it would only apply to violent young offenders aged 16 years and over.

“We will know if they have breached the conditions of their parole order,” she said.

“If they’re told they need to be home by 8pm, we will know if they do that.”

“It needs to have the youth parole board on-side, because they have the discretion to do it, or not do it.
“I look forward to seeing what their strike rate is on ordering recidivists to wear a bracelet.”
-Ross Stevenson

Ms Mikakos said mandatory drug and alcohol testing will also be introduced.

“Sadly in recent years we’ve seen a very strong link between young people taking ice, in particular, and other drugs and then getting involved in criminal offending,” she said.

“We’re going to give the youth parole board the ability to order them to undertake mandatory drug testing, so we discourage them from taking drugs.

“It’s about keeping the community safe.”

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