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Viral anti-gun campaign: Eleven year old girl teaches active shooter training

An eleven year old girl has sent a message to gun advocates in an anti-gun video which has gone viral.

In the video, eleven year old Kayleigh teaches a group of adults what to do in the event of an active shooter.

She know what to do because she, like many other American kids, has been taught how to respond to a shooting at school.

The video was created by two Australians, Alex Little and Karsten Jurkschat, for student movement, March For Our Lives.

Alex Little told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell the video was not scripted.

“They’re her own words. Everything you just heard is what kids in America learn at school. We wish we could say it was dramatised or scripted, but those lessons are taken from her school and other schools around the country,” he said.

For American children as young as four, active shooter drills are an accepted part of life.

“This happens at every school in the country, and everyone thinks its normal,” Mr Little said.

Karsten Jurkschat said the video has made an impact on American adults.

“I think that the adults kind of knew that the kids were learning something, but not too many of them pushed for details because its so confronting.

“I think for a kid to come out like Kayleigh does in this video and just say it in her own words to a group of adults, it really struck a chord with Americans,” Mr Jurkschat said.

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