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Volvo send engineers to Australia to study kangaroos

Volvo hopes to develop new software in its cars to detect and avoid kangaroos on the road. 

There are an astonishing 20,000 car v kangaroo collisions every year in Australia, and 79% of all collisions in Victoria involve roos.

 Volvo has sent two engineers to Australia from Sweden to study the animal.

 One of the engineers Ali Hedayati said Volvo has already researched mooses, reindeers, cows and horses.

But kangaroos were a whole different kettle of fish, so to speak. 

‘It’s unique or different compared to animals we researched so far so it will be a challenge.’ 

Volvo has already created pedestrian detection and avoidance software, which can be purchased as an extra feature in some new cars. 

Apparently, the people in the video below did not get the memo that it was an extra. Ross and John were very amused.