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Wade Noonan opens up about the trauma that forced him to take time from politics


Wade Noonan has opened up about the emotional trauma that forced him to take time away from politics.

Mr Noonan stepped away from the government in February on account of the horrific details of cases he was exposed to as police minister.

‘It’s a bit like filling a bucket. At some point it’s going to overflow,’ he said.

Mr Noonan said he had had mood swings, trouble sleeping, and withdrawn from friends.

‘There are many symptoms to this that mimic post-traumatic stress disorder. They are human reactions to human situations,’ he said.

‘All of the goodness had drained out of me. I couldn’t find enjoyment in anything.’

But he says he is ‘very excited’ about returning to work.

‘Politics is challenging but equally rewarding,’ he said.

‘I’ve now got an opportunity to apply my passion to the things that drew me to public life.’

Mr Noonan is the new Minister for Industry, Employment, and Resources after a state government reshuffle on Monday.

This was the only interview he will give on the subject of his time away before moving on.

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