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‘Waiting for a fatality’: Man demands speed humps in his street after a ute smashes into his house for the second time

A Roxburgh Park man has slammed the Hume City Council for ignoring his calls to install safety measures in his suburban street.

Theo Theodorou wants drivers to be slowed down on Rio Grande Drive, after a car smashed through the wall of his home into his bathroom, where he had been moments before the collision.

“I’d like them to try and slow the road down by putting speed humps and some bollards around there,” he told 3AW Drive’s Tom Elliott.

This isn’t the first time Mr Theodorou has appealed to the council to make changes to the street.

Another car crashed into his home a few years ago, prompting him and his wife to start a petition and meet with the council.

Despite this, he said the council has done nothing.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed,” Mr Theodorou said.

The dangerous stretch has already prompted some of his neighbours to move.

He said he tried to contact the Hume City Council again, but they have given no indication if anything will be done.

“They haven’t even bothered calling us back,” he said.

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Image: 9 News