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Wake up at 5.30am? You might be an ‘extreme early riser’

A new study suggests one-in-300 people are extreme early risers.

‘Extreme early risers’ are described by researchers as those who get tired early in the evening, sometimes sleeping before 8.30pm, and rise before 5.30am.

Researchers previously believed extreme early rising, which is caused by a genetic mutation, was extremely rare.

Lead researcher Louis Ptáček said while morning larks get up much earlier than most, they don’t get less sleep.

“The people in this paper are folks who wake up a three or four in the morning, without coffee or alarm clocks, but they also sleep a pretty average amount,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“They get tired early in the evening and got to bed much earlier than most people.

“They have a normal quality and quantity of sleep, but it’s just shifted earlier in the day.”

This new research reveals that almost all early birds have relatives who also carry they extreme early riser gene.

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