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‘Waleed needs to get out more’ | Neil Mitchell fires back at The Project host

Neil Mitchell has fired back at Waleed Aly after The Project host said the only place he’d heard concern about African gangs was on talkback radio.

The 3AW Mornings host said it was clear Aly “didn’t understand” the issue, accusing him of being selective with statistics.

“Why do we have an African task force set up by police if it’s not a problem?” Neil Mitchell said.

“This is not just right-wing media talk radio. It’s not just you (the listeners).

“Police, politicians and Sudanese community leaders have all said it’s a problem on this program.

“I do think the vast majority of people of African background are very decent people and add enormously to this country.

“I know some of them are very worried about crime and gangs specifically, a lot of people are.

“The Left lecturing them with this sort of myopic nonsense doesn’t solve anything.

“We had awful riots down in St Kilda in the summer involving people of African appearance.

“There are specific problems, even if Waleed or his editorial writer don’t see them.

“You don’t fix things by ignoring them.

“They won’t go away just because you pretend they don’t exist.

“Waleed needs to get out more and talk to real people and have a re-think.”

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