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Want to live longer? Add a two minute brisk walk to your day

A two-minute brisk walk per day could cut a person’s risk of early death by more than one-fifth, researchers have found.

University of Cambridge researchers discovered increasing energy use by the equivalent of adding two extra minutes of brisk-paced walking onto a 35 minute daily stroll may reduce a person’s risk of early death by 21 per cent.

Group Leader of the Physical Activity Epidemiology group at the University of Cambridge, Dr Soren Brage, says it’s the first time researchers have been able to show the intensity of movement matters for health, not just the duration.

“This is really the first time we were able to answer that question,” he told Ross and Russel.

“A brisk walk would be, certainly, a little bit faster than you would walk when you’re walking past the shop window.

“A little bit rushing, like for the bus or being late for a meeting.

“At a slightly faster pace there is actually an added health benefit.”

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