Warm week starts with a surprising Melbourne weather record

Macquarie National News

(Photo: Mark Davidson)

Our return to consistently warm weather has started with a surprising record this morning.

Melburnians have woken up to the coldest October morning in more than 30 years.

Most suburban temperatures have hovered around 1-3°.

The CBD dropped to 4.3° this morning, making it the coldest October morning since 1984 and in the coldest 10 mornings so far this year.

But the ‘feels like’ temperatures are even more revealing: 0.2° in the CBD and -2.7° at Melbourne Airport.

But the chilliness won’t last long.

Melbourne’s temperature isn’t expected to dip below 10° again this week.


  • Tuesday: 22°
  • Wednesday: 25°
  • Thursday: 27°
  • Friday: 21°
  • Saturday: 27°
  • Sunday: 25°
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