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Scam warning: Box Hill resident fleeced in elaborate arrest warrant con

Police are warning Victorians to be alert after a Box Hill resident was fleeced in an elaborate phone scam.

Last night, the victim received a call claiming to be from Services Australia and advising them a warrant was out for their arrest.

The scammer on the phone asked the victim for their tax file number, their nearest police station, and what the phone number of that police station was.

Soon after, the victim received a call purporting to be from their local police station, with the station number displayed on their mobile phone.

The scammer, posing as a police officer, requested the victim attend David Jones and purchase high value gift cards, then transfer photos of the card numbers and expiry dates.

The con artists then fleeced the victim of that money.

Acting Sergeant Ryan Melville from Box Hill police station, said it’s unclear why the scammers asked for the tax number.

“We’re not entirely sure why,” he told Ross and John.

“The investigation is ongoing.”

Police are calling for other victims to come forward.

“There may be others that have been targeted,” Acting Sergeant Melville said.

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