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Warning for all Victorians on the risky kitchen practice this summer

Victorians are being urged to be vigilant preparing food this Christmas after a spike in food poisoning cases.

One person has died and a number others have been hospitalised. 

While authorities say the Listeria cases are not linked, the chief health officer Professor Charles Guest says it comes as a warning as the warmer weather sets in.

‘The message for Victorians today, is to be very vigilant about your food hygiene practices in the warmer weather,’ he said.

And leaving meals to cool down before putting them in the fridge is the most common mistake most of us make, but it’s one of the riskiest. 

‘When you cook food don’t wait until it cools down to put it in the refrigerator, that’s a common mistake,’ Professor Guest said.

‘When you cook something you should put it straight in the fridge.’

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