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WATCH: Leaked footage from inside truck that careers into oncoming traffic


Incredible footage has emerged from inside a truck that careered into several lanes of oncoming traffic before crashing into a backyard in Melbourne’s outer-east.

The Neil Mitchell program has been leaked dashcam footage of last weekend’s Heathmont crash, and obtained new details about what caused the incident.

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3AW Mornings can reveal the truck driver suffered a coughing fit and may have blacked out before swerving onto the the road side of Canterbury Road on Saturday.

Incredibly, the truck driver escaped with minor injuries, little more than a black eye, and no one else was hurt.

Power lines were brought down and half a house was knocked down.

“As usual, the truckie has got the blame,” Neil Mitchell said.

“But today I want to stand up for him.

“The footage shows he wasn’t speeding, and you can tell the truck basically does not have a driver as it slowly veers across the busy road in the house.”

David Ponza, the driver of the white Toyota Rav4 which can be seen around 14 seconds into the footage, told 3AW Mornings he and his young family are lucky to be alive.

“I had a four-week-old baby and a 21-month-old son behind me,” David said.

“I saw this truck getting very close to the median strip.

“I just had to grab the wheel and go hard left, you stand no chance.

“I reckon it just missed my mirror by 10cm.”

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The brother in the law of the truck driver, Barry, has told 3AW Mornings his brother-in-law doesn’t remember any of the incident.

“I believe there is footage from inside which shows him slumped over the wheel with his hands fallen to his sides,” Barry said.

“He came to after the accident while they were trying to free him.

“He doesn’t remember any of it.”

Barry said his brother-in-law has no history of black-outs and is still unsure what caused the medical episode.

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