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Watch as two Wuhan hospitals are built in just two weeks

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As Chinese health authorities struggle to cope with the coronavirus outbreak, they are working to achieve a remarkable feat — building two hospitals in two weeks.

The first hospital in Wuhan, the 1000 bed Huoshenshan hospital, is expected to be complete in just six days.

A 1300 bed hospital is also set to be finished in two weeks.

President of the Builders Collective of Australia, Phil Dwyer, said the fear is “almost the height of impossibility”.

“It’s absolutely extraordinary!,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“They bring in a team of bulldozers and 100 men to prepare the site, and then start putting it together.

“We know that they build things very quickly over there, but this is just quite unbelievable.”

Press PLAY below to watch the live stream of the construction of Huoshenshan hospital.

Press PLAY below to watch the progress that was made on Leishenshan hospital yesterday.

Press PLAY below to hear what the president of the Builders Collective of Australia had to say about the remarkable feat.


watch the live stream