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Water fountain lead concerns: Why we need to get them right

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Geelong is switching off some of its public water fountains after testing revealed high levels of lead.

The worrying levels lead and some other metals were above the Australian drinking water guidelines, and found in several fountains.

The Geelong council is now testing more than 140 public drinking fountains and is switching off any of the fountains with readings.

Initial thoughts are that plumbing materials may have contributed to the problem.

Professor Stuart Khan, a civil and environmental engineering expert at the University of New South Wales, explained to Ross and John why people who drank from the affected fountains.

“The guideline is based around long-term exposure, and the assumption that this is the concentration of lead at home,” he said.

But he said it was important

“We’re seeing a trend around the world to bring back public water fountains, and it’s related to the overuse of plastic water bottles.

“If we want people to that … then it is important to ensure we have safe drinking water available from public fountains.

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