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Water ‘smart’ meters being trialled in Melbourne

?It has stuck clear of branding them ‘smart’ meters, but Yarra Valley Water has confirmed trials are underway for the introduction of similar technology to monitor water usage.

?It was revealed this week smart meters of the electricity variety had cost Victorians more than $2.2 billion but failed to achieve their expected benefits.

Pat McCafferty, managing director of Yarra Valley Water, told Neil Mitchell they were trialling similar technology in Craigieburn homes to help customers get the most out of their water service.

But unlike the other system, this seemed far easier to understand.

‘With these loggers, we’re able to get a 30-minute reading and what we’re finding are some pretty significant results,’ Mr McCafferty explained on 3AW Mornings.

LISTEN: Pat McCafferty explains more on 3AW Mornings