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‘We can’t have a sensible conversation’: Political ‘tribalism’ is hurting debate

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The president of one of Victoria’s leading civil libertarian groups has urged people from both sides of politics to stop labelling each other.

Liberty Victoria president Jessie Taylor says she is concerned that ‘tribalism’ is stifling political debate.

“Issues that affect us all, whether they be economic, whether they be environmental, have become delineated on such tribal lines that we can barely have a sensible conversation about it,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“I should be able to have a conversation about my concerns about protecting the environment for future generations without being labelled a stupid lefty.

“You talk to a coal miner in far north Queensland who is worried about their job, and they should be able to express those concerns without being labelled,” she said.

“We can’t have a conversation about the environment, or about refugees, or about the economy without labeling each other selfish conservatives or ranting lefties.

“I think that’s terribly damaging.”

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