‘We deserve answers’: Have we learnt anything from Gargasoulas’s deadly rampage?


Neil Mitchell says Victorians deserve to know whether policing policies have changed after apparent failings were exposed in 2017’s Bourke Street rampage.

More details of the police response to James Gargasoulas’s activity leading up to his deadly rampage can now be revealed after he was found guilty on 33 counts yesterday, including murder.

Among the revelations is that the Critical Incident Response Team reportedly was not deployed on Gargasoulas because there was no clear evidence of a weapon, despite the fact his car would later become a deadly weapon.

“The six people who died in Bourke St, and the many injured, at James Gargasoulas’s hands, should not be dead nor injured.”
“Arguably, his rampage could and should have been stopped.
“Arguably, the police mucked it up.
-Neil Mitchell

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With the Police Minister, Shadow Police Minister and Force Command today unwilling to discuss the matter, Neil Mitchell asked the police union whether “gaps” in policing policy have since been closed.

Neil Mitchell: “I find it extraordinary if — and I know it’s not your responsibility — if two years ago this happened and we haven’t made some stages, before the coroner tells us there are glaring problems there.”

Mr Gatt agreed.

“We should be ahead of the curve,” he said.

“If we know there are gaps, why should we wait to fix them?”

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