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‘We don’t speed’: New data shows most Australians drive below the speed limit

Most Australians don’t speed, according to new data released today.

Data gathered from GPS trackers and road sensors across Australia last year shows drivers are, on average, travelling at about 10 per cent below the speed limit in 100 km/h zones.

Bizarrely, the data shows drivers are travelling more slowly in 50km/h zones than they are in 40km/h zones.

In 40 km/h zones, motorists are driving at an average speed of 34 km/h, while in 50km/h zones the average speed is 32 km/h.

Denise Christie, spokesperson from Intelematics, the company who compiled the data, said the results were “surprising”.

“On average, we don’t speed,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“But of course there are outliers.”

Ms Christie said traffic is a factor contributing to the below the speed limit average speeds, but other factors are also at play.

“Congestion absolutely is a big factor,” she said.

“But we saw that outside the peak periods the data still suggests that the majority of Australians drive within the speed limit.”

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Image: Steve Allen