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“We told them to go jump”: Lauren Southern protest organisers refuse to pay Victoria Police bill

The director of the event company which organised far-right commentator Lauren Southern’s Melbourne event says they will fight Victoria Police’s bill all the way to the High Court.

Police slapped Axiomatic Events with a $67,842 bill for the protest in July (above), where conservatives Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern spoke in Somerton.

Company Director Dave Pellowe told Neil Mitchell these events are “what the public pay the police for”.

“In my mind it would be immoral to agree to pay this,” Mr Pellowe said.

“In short we told them to go jump.

“It would have a really really bad affect on the future of public debate in Australia.

“I’ve got a great deal of respect for the police but it is entirely their fault, the bureaucratic layers of Victoria Police and their political masters.”

NM: Are you seriously saying have sent you a bill because we’ve got a left-wing government in charge?

DP: Yeah, I don’t think that’s ridiculous.

NM: You’ll fight it all the way to the High Court?

DP: Absolutely, this is a hill worth dying on. The attack on free speech in Australia has already gone too far.

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