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‘We used to be mates’: NZ politician laments Australia’s exclusion of Kiwis

A prominent New Zealand politician has lamented Australia’s exclusion of our neighbours over the ditch.

New immigration laws mean any non-Australian citizen can be deported if they are sentenced to a year or more in prison.

But Louisa Wall, an influential voice in New Zealand, told Neil Mitchell ‘generic’ laws like these neglect the special relationship between the two nations.

‘We used to be mates. We share the ANZAC identity,’ Ms Wall said.

‘But, of late, Australia’s started to exclude New Zealanders.

‘It’s more from your end that you’re not appreciating the relationship and partnership that we have.

‘When Aussies come over here, they have full access as residents to all the safeguards of our social welfare system, health system.

‘You’ve chosen to exclude us.’

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