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We’ve compiled a list of our favourite April fools pranks from 2016

April fools!

Would you eat one of these 3D printed donuts?

3D donut printer
Coles supermarket launched these futuristic trolleys.
Coles launch their new
CFA declared all BBQs BANNED over summer. 
CFA bans BBQs over summer
Melbourne Victory announced that Jai Ingham has changed his name to Jai La ‘Ionica’.
Jai Ingham changes his name to La Ionica (cluck cluck)

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle wants Melbourne to be Australias capital. Sorry Canberra! 

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

‘Mr Burger’ fooled us with their new burger tram. Quite disappointing to hear it’s a fake!

Google launched their new app to help find all those lost socks.
Google launches sock finding app on April fools day

Student flights now allow you to HECs your holiday! Photo: Student Flights

Student Flights have announce the holiday HECs

The AFL will allow females to play alongside men in 2019.

AFL and Women?s Exhibition Match players at Etihad Stadium today - from left Phoebe McWilliams , Alicia Eva , Daisy Pearce , Aasta O

An exclusive class on Virgin flight just for kids!

Virgin Australia announce new kids class.