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‘We will hold the balance of power in the Senate’: United Australia Party Senator says the party has been underestimated

United Australia Party leader Clive Palmer says he will be voted in to government at the upcoming election, despite latest poll predictions suggesting the party will receive just 5 per cent of the primary vote.

Senator Brian Burston, NSW Senator for the United Australia Party, says the party has been underestimated.

“We’re polling quite strongly in all states.

“We will hold the balance of power in the Senate,” he told Macquarie’s Justin Smith.

Mr Burston said the Palmer United Party did not perform well in the last election due to poor candidate selection, not because of the party leader.

“I believe we have a stronger, united team this time,” he said.

Press PLAY below to hear Justin Smith’s full interview with Senator Brian Burston on Macquarie Weekly.

Justin Smith