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Weather pop quiz with Channel 7 metereologist David Brown

Do you think you’re a bit of an expert on the weather? 

Well, the odds might be in your favour. Sportsbet are taking bets on weather trends and temperatures, including the hottest temperatures capital cities will reach this summer.

So for those who love statistics, Darren James got the lowdown from Channel 7 meteorologist David Brown.

The weather pop quiz  (Answers are below)

  1. Which Australian capital city holds the record for the highest temperature? 
  2. What is the hottest temperature Melbourne has ever reached and when was it recorded?
  3. Typically, which month is the warmest in Melbourne? 
  4. Has it ever snowed in Victoria in summer?
  5. Which country is suspected of hacking into the Bureau of Meteorology? 

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  1. Melbourne
  2. 46.4 degrees on Black Saturday, February 7, 2009. 
  3. January 
  4. Yes. Today! Mt Buller recorded a light snow dusting overnight. 
  5. China