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Wedding Ceremony Relocates to the Pub



They’re married!  Groom Ennis Cehic chatted with Grubby and Dee Dee on Sunday after he successfully tied the knot with wife Carli at the Crown Hotel in Buninyong.

Under difficult circumstances, best mate Aaron was able to come up with a ‘plan b’ for the wedding ceremony which was originally evacuated from Scotsburn due to bushfires.

‘Everyone sat there and I walked, and I stood maybe in front of 120 people that still remained, and Carli walked down the aisle’, Ennis told the Weekend Break.

Congratulations Ennis and Carli!  

Listen as newlywed Ennis Cehic talks married life with Grubby and Dee Dee.  


Ennis walked into his wedding at Scotsburn to greet people and tell them the late bride was on her way.

‘And then everyone started running.’

They were fleeing because thick black smoke emerged from a dangerous nearby bushfire.

About an hour later, Ennis was in the Buninyong pub telling Grubby, Dee Dee and 3AW listeners that he was trying to get married right there in the pub.

It all unfolded on the Weekend Break after one of the wedding guests, Carmen, called in to give a fire update.

Click play to hear part of Carmen’s call and the full chat with the very stoic Ennis!

‘We just jumped into cars and got straight out of there,’ she told 3AW.

Later, Ennis said the couple didn’t think it was was a bad sign for the marriage.

In fact he turned the whole situation into a rather cute compliment.

‘She’s so hot she caused a fire storm!’