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Wellington Mayor gives advice on how they are tackling familiar problems


Neil spoke to the Mayor of the world’s ‘coolest little capital’, Celia Wade-Brown.

Ms Wade-Brown has something of a ‘greenie’ reputation and, true to form, she arrived by bike.

Wellington has succeeded in a number of ways Melbourne could learn from, and Ms Wade-Brown offered Neil some insight into how:

Graffiti: We’ve funded community murals. If a wall looks attractive, it’s much less likely to get tagged.

Cyclists: If we make the infrastructure on the road safer, they’ll get off the footpath.

Beggars: I’m sure we won’t be banning beggars, and I’m sure we won’t be fining the generous.

AFL: It was well worth a try, but we just didn’t get the turnout.

Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle joined the conversation on the phone.

He said Wellington has done a good job of promoting bicycle use into the city.

‘There’s no great city in the world that’s trying to bring more cars into the centre,’ Cr Doyle said.

But he said he is willing to spare the people of Melbourne the sight of himself riding a bike.

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