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‘We’re getting boned, mate’: The moment Lehmo knew the Footy Show was cooked

Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann didn’t see it coming.

Well, not last night, anyway.

This is how naive I am.

“I saw one of the Sydney executives (walking the Nine corridors post-show) and I just thought ‘Oh great he’s come down to watch the show!’,” he told Ross and Quarters on 3AW Breakfast this morning.

“Fev (Footy Show co-host Brendan Fevola) turned to me and said ‘I think we’re getting boned mate’.”

And so it was — Channel Nine axes The Footy Show.

Lehmo said he didn’t hesitate when he was offered the co-hosting gig and he’s “really proud of the shows we did”, but accepts the poor ratings left management with an easy decision.

“I was confident we could do something with it but, as it turns out, I was wrong,” he said.

“You know in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when him and his mate trash that Ferrari?

“I feel a bit like, after 25 years, they handed us the keys to this thing and I’ve driven it off a cliff for them.”

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Lehmo on rumours the program was going to be rename More Than A Game

There were arguments for both a name-change and keeping the The Footy Show, and we just erred on the side of calling it The Footy Show.

We could sit down over a long lunch and discuss for hours whether that was a good or bad decision and whether a different name would’ve changed the ratings, but sadly it’s all too late now.

The more shocking axing in his life…

My axing was the second-most devastating thing that happened in my life yesterday.

The no. 1 was Jarryd Roughead being picked for Box Hill after being dropped by the Hawks!

I was absolutely shocked when I saw that news, and then slightly less shocked when we got axed.