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‘We’re spectacular’: Why Sanctuary Lakes residents want to split from their neighbours

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A housing estate with it’s own Greg Norman-designed golf course (pictured above) wants to break away from the more down-market Point Cook.

Sanctuary Lakes residents say they thought they were buying into their own suburb, but have since discovered they actually live in Point Cook.

Long-time resident Bob Winters said residents are petitioning Wyndham council for their own postcode to differentiate their estate from “sea of houses” of Point Cook.

“It’s not so much that we want to get out of Point Cook, it’s just that Point Cook is ridiculously large,” he told Kate and Justin.

“We aren’t part of a sea of houses.

“If you come here it’s really spectacular.

“It’s one of the most spectacular areas anywhere in Melbourne.”

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He said more than 2000 residents have signed a petition.

Kate and Justin suggested property prices might be the driving factor behind the push.

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