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‘We’re talking a total disruption in the solar industry’: Neil Mitchell criticises roll out of rebate scheme

Neil Mitchell says the solar industry is in a “total mess” after a 3AW listener spent all night trying to access the Government’s home rebates scheme.

The August allocation for the rebate, which offers Victorians up to $2225 off their solar panel system for eligible households, was available from midnight last night.

3AW listener Robyn Bate says she logged on a few minutes after midnight but got nowhere.

“I got up at midnight and got the wheel of death on their website,” She told 3AW Mornings, referring to the computer’s loading wheel.

“The whole night basically was spent, on and off, checking the website for no result.

“I thought I’d do the right thing and got absolutely nowhere.”

Neil Mitchell said while it was inconvenient for Robyn, he’s heard details that it’s the people in the business doing it tough.

“An installer, who normally does 50 (solar installations) a month got 14, he’s doing 14 instead of 50.

“It’s screwing lives around.”

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