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West Gate Fwy re-jig: The changes start today

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West Gate Freeway regulars have been warned of in-bound changes, which started this morning.

As of 4.30am, a new barrier means drivers who want to exit at Montague St should use the Kings Way side of the freeway, and stay in the right-hand lane.

Watch the video for a fly-by

Click PLAY to hear VicRoads project director Mike McCarthy explain more with Justin and Kate yesterday

The 101 from the VicRoads website:

  • If you’re looking to access Montague Street from the West Gate Freeway, you need to take the Kings Way exit, and stay in the right lane. The Montague Street exit will be on you right.
  • If you miss the exit, you will need to continue on the freeway and exit at Power Street. This should only add a few extra minutes to your trip.
  • If you’re travelling towards the city on the West Gate Freeway and looking to access Lorimer Street, you need to take the changed Montague Street exit. Barriers will prevent direct access from the West Gate Freeway.
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