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West Gate shut down: Truck spin causes traffic chaos

It’s been a horror day for commuters on the West Gate Freeway, with another crash this afternoon set to cause peak hour headaches.

A collision near Todd Road just after 4pm saw two lanes closed inbound.

Emergency Services are on site but traffic quickly built up in the area.


A truck has jackknifed at the mouth of the Burnley Tunnel, causing peak hour traffic chaos.

The two right-hand lanes have just been re-opened after the entire freeway was blocked earlier this morning.

Cars are now crawling along to the entrance of the Monash Freeway, with the truck also on the move.

VicRoads: “Get off the West Gate Freeway as soon as you can.”

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Vehicles already caught on the road are facing very long stints on the road.

Ross and John listener Stacey says “it’s an absolute disaster”.

“All the cars and trucks behind the truck are out of their cars just talking because there’s nowhere to go.”

Above: Some people see problems. Others see opportunity. Neil Mitchell has been sent this photo of a woman walking her dog on the shutdown freeway.