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Western Bulldogs footballer changes name to include wife’s surname

Recently married Western Bulldogs player Clay Smith has bucked tradition, adding his wife’s name to his, to create a hyphenated surname.

The 24-year-old married partner Sarah O’donohue (pictured above) in October and changed his name to Clay O’donohue-Smith.

Tom Elliott called the move “the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard”.

“If every generation hyphenates their surname, this generation ends up with two names, the next with four names, the one after that eight, it can’t continue, it doesn’t make sense,” Tom said.

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Social commentator Jamila Rizvi disagreed.

“I think he’s done a glorious thing,” she said.

Jamila added that as the woman is the one going through the physical pain of childbirth, she should get to pick the child’s name.

Smith is considering making the change permanent for football and has said any children the couple have will also take both surnames.

Photo: Instagram, Clay O’donohue Smith