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WHACK! Neil Mitchell takes aim at Julie Bishop over Canberra-Perth flight

Neil Mitchell didn’t mince his words in criticism of Julie Bishop’s recent flight itinerary.

Below is a partial transcript of his editorial.

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How could Julie Bishop be so stupid?

She has wasted $30,000 getting an empty VIP jet to fly from Canberra to Perth to pick up Julie and her boyfriend and fly them back to Canberra.

Why? She had a ministerial meeting and she says there were no commercial flights available.

So she appointed herself Queen Julie and flew in the private jet with Prince Charming – at our expense.

What’s wrong with Skype? What’s wrong with video conferencing? What’s wrong with a secure phone line?

What’s wrong with missing the meeting and catching up later? In the real world that happens all the time.

This is the government that talks about making pensioners sell their house. This is the government that floats increasing the GST.

This is the government that wants to raise taxes and reduce spending. 

But Julie Bishop blows $30,000 on a flight for herself and her boyfriend.

I’ve got little doubt she’s within the rules. So was Bronwyn Bishop. But what about the average pub test?

It is mind-boggling in its stupidity.

It won’t cost her her job, but it will cost her public support.

Frankly, I thought she was smarter.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon joined in, saying Ms Bishop had other options, such as video conferencing.

‘Alternatively, leave the dinner a bit early so you could make the flight on time,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

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