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Remembering Aiia: Heartbroken family on what they hope can gained

The family of Aiia Maasarwe has opened up to Neil Mitchell about their feelings towards Melbourne, and what the city can do in the wake of the murdered international student’s death.

Father Saeed and sister Noor have announced La Trobe University’s new ‘Aiia Maasarwe Memorial Scholarship’, aimed to help local or international students struggling with financial hardship.

The Palestinian citizens are also in Australia from to attend the sentencing of Aiia’s killer, Codey Herrmann, in court tomorrow.

In a wide-ranging and heartbreaking interview on 3AW, Saeed said he hopes “we can make something to remember or continue … what Aiia dreamed for the next generation of people, it would be great”.

Meanwhile, Noor told Neil Mitchell she feels unsafe in Melbourne, unable to stop thinking that this is the place where her sister was killed.

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