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What an emergency physician wants Victorians to do as COVID-19 cases climb

An emergency physician has shared a message from healthcare workers to the Victorian public as COVID-19 cases rise and pressure on hospitals increases.

Dr Stephen Parnis says anxiety among healthcare workers is rising.

“In the last seven days I’ve seen changes. Pretty much every shift now that I’m going in I’m seeing confirmed COVID cases,” he told Neil Mitchell.

But there’s something we can all do to help.

“We don’t want the plaudits, I think what we want is to see their respect and admiration translated into action,” he said.

“My 12 year old has been struggling with going back to school online and what I said to her was ‘You are playing your part in trying to fight this virus and I’m proud of you.’

“That’s the message I want to get to everyone … if it is sitting at home or avoiding the usual social contact, then you’re playing your part and you have my respect and admiration.”

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