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What do our smart devices know about us and how is that information being used?

What do our smart devices know about us, and how is that information being used? 

Speaking on 3AW Drive, author and futurist, Steve Sammartino, told Tom Elliott our smart devices know everything about us.

‘All the data we put in, every word we say, every call we make, everything we do, it’s listening all the time.’

Why? Because the terms and conditions have been accepted.

Steve said the major tech companies claim to store this data so they can improve the services they provide, but that’s not the only reason.

‘All of that information has got a back door that goes out to governments all around the world.’

‘This information can be unduly used against you, because they can make false accusations or false perceptions.’

Steve discusses some solutions, and measures you can take to protect your privacy.

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