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What if Tom Elliott really did run for Mayor? What should he do?


Tom spoke with Monash Councillor Geoff Lake and he says Tom has a good chance of running for Lord Mayor.

However, Tom should have started his campaign 12 months ago.

Click PLAY to listen to Geoff Lakes give Tom Elliott some advice 


Word on the street is 3AW Drive host Tom Elliott wants to run for Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

Tom has no intentions of taking on Robert Doyle, but the idea now floats around in his head. 
What should he do?

He has been receiving calls from journalists over the past 6 months, trying to confirm his intentions to run. 

Listener Kelly says ‘Stop the beggars harassing people and getting aggressive when told no’ – Tom has zero tolerance for that one.  

And Sophie says – ‘If the AFL keeps telling us fans what we can and can’t do at the game, then we will simply stop going’.

If Tom was to run, what would you like to see change around the City of Melbourne?

Click PLAY to hear Tom Elliott announce his campaign (or lack of)