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What Neil Mitchell expects from Daniel Andrews today

Neil Mitchell says he’s not expecting many answers from the Premier when he fronts the hotel quarantine inquiry this afternoon.

“I think the Premier will avoid all this with a bit more skill than his ministers,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“I think he will say he accepts responsibility, the buck stops with him because he is the boss, but will indicate his personal innocence.

“He knew nothing about it, it wasn’t his fault really, but on principle, will accept the blame.

“I don’t think we’ll get much at all.

“I might be wrong.”

Regardless, Neil Mitchell said the Premier had serious problems going forward.

He said, based on the evidence so far, the Victorian government cabinet was dysfunctional.

“They’re all so busy pointing fingers – how can they sit around a cabinet table and have a serious discussion about anything,” he said.

“Personally, I think Jenny Mikakos is gone.

“She is a lightweight and showed it in her evidence yesterday.

“She didn’t know what she should know and blamed everybody else.”

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