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What Neil Mitchell says ‘restless and angry’ Victorians need from the Premier

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Neil Mitchell says Premier Daniel Andrews must change his approach urgently, or he will risk delaying Victoria’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

The 3AW Mornings host says Victorians have put up with being stripped of their liberties, but, in exchange, we need answers.

“We need a road map. We need the Premier to trust us and explain,” he said.

“He needs to tell us what the plan is, if there is one.”

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Neil says the current state government approach to COVID-19 is “a one man band”, and that’s not what Victorians need or want.

“I think it’s time all of the cabinet got out and got the message out,” he said.

“Where’s Martin Pakula? … Where’s Lisa Neville? Jill Hennessy’s been very quiet.

“We want leadership and explanation, and focus. If we don’t get that it’s going to be damn hard to come out of this.”

Chris Lucas, who runs Melbourne’s largest restaurant group, echoed Neil’s concerns.

“I’m reaching out to the Premier to tell him that he needs to change his cause and modus operandi,” he said.

“He and the Chief Health Officer … seem to be running the show, and this is not democracy.

“He’s trying to solve all the problems himself and it’s not working.

“Quite frankly he’s taken too much upon himself, in my view.”

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