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‘What planet are these people on?!’: Eastern Fwy protection ‘booby trap’ slammed

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An incredulous state opposition claims moves to have the Eastern Freeway heritage-listed are nothing more than a bid to “booby trap” any future East-West Link.

The Andrews Government has dismissed those suggestions, saying the move provides certainty for the North-East Link, blocking any move to use heritage to delay its construction.

But Shadow Planning Minister Tim Smith says heritage listing a clogged freeway defies common sense.

“This report just reads like something out of (ABC TV program) Utopia, it’s just the most bizarre thing I’ve ever read,” the Kew MP told 3AW Mornings.

“It says the Eastern Freeway has cultural and historical significance to Victoria.

“Cultural significance? I mean, what planet are these people on?

“I don’t mean to sound outraged, but I think most people that sit on that freeway every morning like most of my constituents, are incredulous that something as ghastly as the Eastern Freeway in terms of its practical outcomes and indeed what it looks like, could indeed be listed for heritage protection.

“What should be protected are beautiful Victoria-era homes, the MCG, parliament house, the exhibition buildings.

“It’s ridiculous!”

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