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What Sam Neill is most looking forward to doing after lockdown is over

Actor and winemaker Sam Neill has revealed the first thing he’ll do when lockdown is over, and told 3AW’s Ross and John why he’s grateful to be waiting out the coronavirus pandemic in Sydney.

“I was in Morocco when everything turned to custard and I got on a plane just in time,” he told Ross and John.

“I’m glad to be in either Australia or New Zealand because although we’re by no means out of the woods we’re doing better than so many other countries and social isolation is working. It’s really paying off and I’m very grateful to be here.

“I should be as we speak filming Jurassic [Jurassic World 3] in London, but of course nothing is happening there!”

The actor and winemaker divulged the first thing he’ll do when life returns to normal.

“I think probably getting around a table with my friends and a bottle of wine again,” he said.

“It is curious, isn’t it, that in some ways I’m more in touch with my family and my friends than I was before.

“I’ve got time to call people and talk on this strange little hand piece that I’m talking to your now on, and they’ve got time to talk to me.

“Oddly enough there’s a lot of connection that I wasn’t really expecting.”

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Image: Borja B. Hojas / Getty