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What Sarah Ristevski’s body language revealed during her silence-breaking interview

Sarah Ristevski broke her silence in an interview on 60 Minutes last night, but her body language may have revealed more than her words.

The 24-year-old daughter of slain Karen Ristevski and her husband and killer, Borce Ristevski, spoke for the first time since her father was jailed for killing her mother.

Body language expert Steve Van Aperen said Ms Ristevski’s words didn’t match her actions when she was asked whether she has spoken with her jailed father.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s close to her father, but I think she was close to her mother as well. I think she’s in the terrible position where she’s lost both, really, so to speak,” he told 3AW’s Dee Dee.

“She’s torn. It’s almost like she’s in denial. She doesn’t want to believe that her father is responsible for her mother’s death.”

Ms Ristevski’s response to whether she has asked her father if he killed her mother was another point of interest for Mr Van Aperen.

“At one stage she started to answer it, then she didn’t want to answer it. Then she asked to stop the interview,” he said.

“There’s little doubt in my mind that she asked him, very little doubt. I think the issue is that she doesn’t want to believe.

“There’s no doubt in my mind she’s been manipulated by her father.”

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Image: 60 Minutes