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What shopping centres and stores will look like this weekend


Shoppers should expect to line up outside of stores this weekend as more retailers open for business for the first weekend since restrictions eased.

National Retail Association CEO Dominique Lamb said people should expect to see sanitisers in the entrance of shopping centres and regular disinfecting and cleaning.

She said retailers would have to adhere to social distsancing.

“Depending on the size of the store will mean how many people can be allowed in the store,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“What that means for consumers is that they will have to line up for certain stores.”

She said New South Wales had a record weekend with “unprecedented crowds” last weekend as restrictions eased.

“It’s not Mother’s Day, so potentially levels won’t be as high, however Victorians haven’t been able to participate in society for much longer,” she said.

“It’s very possible people might be out and about in droves.”

She said she expected international brands to be open, in other states around 40 per cent of stores in shopping centres were open for business in the first weekend since restrictions eased.

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