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What to do if you’re bitten by a snake as reported cases skyrocket in Victoria

Heidi Murphy

Reported cases of snake bites in Victoria have dramatically increased in the last year.

During September, October and November in 2018 paramedics were called to 71 cases of snake bites across the state.

Just 36 cases were recorded in 2017 and 39 in 2016 across the same period.

Ambulance Victoria Paramedic Huw Colechin told 3AW Mornings Victorians should stay alert but not be alarmed if they came across a snake.

“There are a lot of snakes out there and a lot of Victorians out there seem to come across them and get bitten,” he told Heidi Murphy.

“For the most part, snakes aren’t interested in us and want to stay nice and clear.”

“If you see one, stay still and generally a snake will ignore you.”

He said to treat every snake bite as a “life-threatening emergency” and to seek medial attention immediately.

“The key thing is don’t wash the wound or try to suck the venom out,” he said.

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Heidi Murphy