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What ‘worries’ Tom Elliott about Richard Di Natale’s successor

Tom Elliott says he’s “worried” about the political path The Greens will go down under new leader Adam Bandt.

Mr Bandt, the member for Melbourne, has replaced Richard Di Natale in the role after his resignation on Monday.

Mr Di Natale was a regular guest on 3AW Drive.

“He (Di Natale) now seems like a centre-Right leader, compared with the person who has replaced him,” Tom Elliott said on Tuesday.

The comment came after Mr Bandt used his first press conference as leader to attack Prime Minister Scott Morrison, accuse big business of “killing people” and telling fossil fuel companies they “had to go” in Australia.

Tom Elliott said it was clear Mr Bandt wanted The Greens to become a “hard-Left” pressure group under his leadership.

“This is not centre stuff,” Tom Elliott said.

“This is not trying to attract votes from disaffected Labor supporters.

“This is the Greens retreating into the hard-Left by criticising business, criticising fossil fuels, of accusing the Prime Minister of being a killer, accusing big business of killing people and endangering people’s lives.

“It is rhetoric that has no place in modern Australia.”

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